Nutrition 101

  • Zone video 1

  • Zone video 2

  • Zone video 3

  • Zone video 4

  • Zone video 5

  • CrossFit - "The Foundation Is Nutrition"

  • CrossFit - Preppin' for the Week Part 1

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Nutrition 201

  • This is a great "broad strokes" of nutrition, very good well rounded
    information for those getting started

  • Matt Chan talks about the "zone" diet and how to implement for specific
    needs. This first video is about a general overview on the Zone. Even
    though he addresses the information towards the Competitors, the
    information is great for ALL athletes, regardless of your goal.

  • Matt Chan talks about how to specify the Zone to someone who is a 'hard
    gainer' and wants to get stronger and gain muscle.

  • Matt Chan talks about how to tweak the Zone to drop body fat

  • Matt Chan talks about game day (Competition day) and how to eat when it's
    time to perform. As well as digging into supplements

  • Matt Chan speaks about supplements. Artificial intake of different
    nutrients, everything from fish oil, to creatine, to beta-alinine. If you a
    supplement person, watch this