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“Just Squat” Part II

Posted by Melody

We are 5 days into our Squat Challenge - are you on pace? Check out this video to get better positioning and benefits out of those 5 daily minutes.

Just squat part, Ronny style. wink from Ronny Varghese on Vimeo.

Finishing The Second Pull

Posted by Melody

If you were in my OLY classes yesterday, this was the common focus of the hour; pulling the shoulders back behind the bar in the triple extension instead of cutting the pull short and letting the bar travel forward. Like Coach Burgener states in this video, you can get away with this fault at light weight, but it simply won't fly with the heavy. Check out this video and don't forget to pull back with those shoulders as you open the hips!
Moving forward, Wednesdays at Paradigm is OLY day. Classes will be barbell focused as we work on cleans and snatches, and will also include a met-con in the programming. All levels are welcome.

Workout for Thu, September 11, 2014

1) Bench 5x5
2) Front Squat 5x5
3) "Owen" 9min AMRAP
*9 burpees
*11 hanging hip touches

Just Squat!

Posted by Melody

Squat Challenge starts today! If you're gonna commit to 30 days, sign up at the gym...unless you aren't quite ready to take your squat to the next level...

*5 minutes per day in a deep squat position! Get back in your heels, using your elbows to drive your knees wide while simultaneously lifting your chest and arching your back. If you feel like it is easier for you to get into this position using a pole or a door jam for support, go for it! If you have good squat mobility, start bringing your stance a bit narrower, toes not quite as wide, and work on pushing knees past your toes.
*September 8th through October 8th = 31 days, so you have 1 built in miss day. If you miss more, you have to do 10 minutes the next day to stay in the game.
*The daily 5 minutes does not have to be done in one stretch. In fact if you are pretty tight making this position tough, you will benefit more from 5 separate 1 minute chunks throughout the day.

Workout for Mon, September 08, 2014

1) Skater Squats
2) C&J: 3 cleans followed by 3 split jerks, E2x7
3) Met-Con: 8m EMOM
- sidewalk run
- 15 DU's
- 20 bike abs

Save The Date: Paradigm’s 3rd Birthday!

Posted by Melody

Come out to Ramac Park on Saturday, October 4th, to celebrate 3 years with us! The fun will begin around 11am and wrap up around 3pm. The whole family is welcome to join. There will be some activities and games including a Hoover Ball tournament and a jump house for the kids. Bring something to share for the potluck lunch and meat to throw on the grill if you like. Drinks will be provided. There will be no regular classes on this day.

Paradigm 3 Year Anniversary Party

Posted by Melody

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, October 4th, to celebrate 3 years with our Paradigm family!

*Ramac Park 11am - 3ish (off Cottle Rd)
*Activities including Hoover Ball tournament & jump-house for the kids
*Entire family welcome
*Potluck lunch - bring something to share and meat to grill
*Drinks provided

Paradigm will be closed for classes since we will be off celebrating!

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