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Athlete Spotlight: Thomas Byrd

Posted by Melody

"Nutrition, consistency and a willingness to learn are musts." Maybe this is why Thomas is on fire as an athlete and CF student! Since starting at Paradigm 10 months ago, he has continued to move up in his abilities and athleticism - even checking off rope climbs and pull-ups already. Thomas takes every workout very seriously, using everything he's got in the tank for that hour. His story up to this point is inspiring and we know he is going to go even further in the year to come!

If you don't know him already, meet Thomas William Byrd!
Hometown: Yuba City, CA
Age: 29
Occupation: CPA
Started CF'ing: November 2013 @ Paradigm Crossfit
Favorite WOD: Anything Chipper
Least favorite WOD: The "April Fools Day WOD"...glad that one never materialized.
Favorite skills to train: Bodyweight skills
Nemesis Skills: Handstand kick-ups, Overhead squats, Overall flexibility
Favorite healthy food: Steak n' vegetables, Hearty salads
Favorite cheat food: Dark chocolate
When not at CF he enjoys: Being active in local church, playing the cello, spending time with wife, family and friends, camping, working on vintage cars & going for a Sunday afternoon drive.

Tell us a little about your "fitness story".

My road to fitness began back in the summer following seventh grade. At the beginning of my journey, I weighed a whopping 320 pounds; my mile time was nearly 30 minutes, running and jumping were pipe dreams to me, my self-confidence was zilch, and I was well on my way to diabetes, high blood pressure, and all the other ailments that go along with being morbidly obese. My first step towards fitness was a change in my diet. Naive as I was, I tried Slim Fast for a month and lost 25 pounds. Not liking the torture of a liquid diet, I decided to take the low-carb approach. This combined with light exercise (i.e. walking) and some great encouragement from my eighth grade PE teacher led me to be able to drop another 75 pounds. I hovered right around 220 from the end of eighth grade through my freshmen year of high school. When my sophomore year rolled around, I decided to step out of my comfort zone a bit and take a weight training class. Over the course of that year, I lost another 40 pounds. After that year though, since I wasn't required to take PE classes anymore, I basically stopped all organized fitness activities and slowly slid back down to the starting line in terms of my strength. However I still had pretty good control over my diet (more so on overall calories rather than quality of calories, but some control nonetheless), so my weight stayed down. I dabbed around in home gym stuff for a couple years in college and in the years thereafter, hoping to experience the same results I realized back in my high school weight training class, but I never made any real progress. After stumbling upon CF in a random blog post, I decided to check it out and Yelp led me to Paradigm. On October 21, 2013, I met with Ronny to see what Paradigm CF was all about. His cute little "sample" workout left me hardly able to walk the next day. I knew deep down that this was a good thing, so I committed to a year at three days per week and have been true to that since then. I was pretty nervous at first, but most of that was due to the fact that I didn't know a single person at Paradigm. All of that nervousness didn't last long though.

What's your nutrition like?

I switched to a mostly Paleo diet after doing a "Whole 30" back in January. I definitely noticed a change in my progress at Paradigm after I made this switch.

You have recently been setting a lot of PRs...what have been some of your favorite accomplishments in the last few months?

When I started CF, I remember thinking it would be great if *some day* I could climb a rope. I nailed that in February and checked that off the list! All three of my lifts in the June CF total were PR's...that made me pretty happy. My mile time has dropped an entire minute over the past six months.

Any specific goals on the horizon?

I'm working to get my first hand stand kick up on the wall, a sub-six minute mile, and recycling my kipping pull-ups.

Your attendance is very consistent..even with a family at home. What makes this possible?

My wife is, by far, THE person who makes it possible for me to get to the gym regularly. Not only is she at home with our kids all day while I'm at work and when I go to the gym, but she's also super encouraging and supportive of my fitness choices.

Any favorite CF moments that you have had so far?

Jumping onto the tall box for the first time, running my first 5K, climbing the rope, moving up to the 30lb D-ball, and taking a workout to completion after wanting to call it quits after round one!

Any advice for other CrossFitters during their first year?

1) Nutrition, consistency and a willingness to learn are musts. My switch to Paleo and my consistent attendance at the gym have been the main contributors to my recent PR's.
2) It's important to work on skills before you start packing on the weight.
3) You must schedule in time to get to the gym. If you don't, you likely won't go.
4) Every time you step into the box, give it your all. Complaining, whining and holding back will hinder your progress.

Anything else you would like to share regarding your CF journey so far?

Not all CF gyms are the same. I've looked around - even tried a different gym while out of town on a business trip, and nothing has come close to Paradigm. Paradigm's coaches are top notch, as are the facilities, the equipment and the programming.

Workout for Tue, September 02, 2014

A. Strength: 3 C&J, E90sec x 8

B. A Little More Strength: DB Weighted step ups

C. Met-Con: 500m row immediately into 20 burpees, followed by 400m run for time.

Register Your Panthers for Summer Session!

Posted by Melody

Panther's Fall Session will be held on Saturdays from Sep 13th - Saturday, Nov 8th, from 9:30am-10:30am! The program is for ages 6-12. Cost for members is $80 per child and $96 for non-Paradigm members. There is a 10% discount for the 2nd participating child. Talk to a coach or email us to register your Panthers!

What is Panthers?
A fitness program for kids where we forge the next generation of CrossFitters.

What do Panthers do?
Run, jump, row, stretch, push, pull, lift, press and play! Weights are rarely used and when they are, loads are kept light. We primarily use our body weight to work on balance, agility, and coordination. The focus is on moving properly. Classes are coached by active and certified CrossFitters, who act as positive role models for the children to learn from.

What is our Mission?
To change the future of the next generation! In a society where kids are spending an ever- increasing amount of time being inactive, we want to get them active and help them associate fun with exercise and physical activity. It's amazing how much energy kids have and how much they enjoy moving - we want them to keep this love as they move into adolescence and adulthood. We aim to learn team skills, build confidence, raise self-esteem and improve body awareness. We promote a family community at Paradigm and love seeing the whole family share CrossFit.

Slash Your Mile Time This Summer!

Posted by Melody

We are excited to kick off our Summer Endurance Session in less than two weeks! Talk to a coach today to register.

The details...
*8 week session with homework assigned each class
*All ability levels
*Saturdays @ 9:30am beginning June 21st and ending August 16th (no class on the 9th)
*Focus is on improving mile time
*Non-members can join for $50
*Members register for $50, but are refunded $40 if they attend a minimum of 6 classes!
*Every other week is an off-site workout, meaning you get to exercise outdoors in a new location! All off-sites will be local in south San Jose, and the group will congregate at Paradigm to carpool or you can choose to meet the group at location.

You will not simply be set off on a run each class! Programming will include time testing, pose running drills, runner's mobility, various interval sprints, and a few longer runs mixed in. Your improvement will be directly correlated to your attendance (hence our awesome refund offer!) Sprints will not only rev your metabolism and get you burning fat more than nearly any other exercise, but gains in the short and intense time frames (anaerobic) will most definitely carry over to improvement in your longer runs (for those of you with marathons in the coming year!)

“I used to run a lot. When I joined Crossfit, I was running four days a week. No matter how fast or how many miles I logged, my times barely budged. I ran a dozen half marathons and my times were always over 2 hours and 30 minutes. I wanted to break that record so bad. Then I decided to try something different. I liked the high intensity short duration workouts and I cut back on the running and did more CF. Then came CF Endurance - this made a world of difference in my running. The quick succession sprints and the surprise fourth mile thrown in to test our mental game made me a stronger runner and it improved my overall fitness. I was shocked when I recently PR’d on my half marathon time by 26 minutes- I completed it in 2 hours and 15 minutes! I also improved my mile time going from 8:30/mile to 7:15/mile. This far exceeded my every expectation. I must share that I hate sprinting- but as Ronny says, “train to your weaknesses” and I’m better for it! -Janet Thomas

Workout for Tue, June 10, 2014

1) Skillwork- Handstands

2) Strength- Strict Press

3) "Francy- 5 RFT: 15 Thrusters & 400m Run

Strawberry Almond Flour Muffins

Posted by Melody

I almost tossed some leftover strawberries from a BBQ a few weeks ago. They weren’t rotten, but had been out of the fridge for a little bit and were starting to not look so pretty. I was going to freeze them for smoothies when I suddenly had the idea to make some strawberry muffins - so glad they didn’t end up in my garbage can first!

Strawberry Muffins

-2 cups almond flour (I like honeyville brand - they have it at Costco)
-1/2 tsp baking soda
-1/8 tsp salt
-3 eggs
-1 tbsp grass fed butter, melted
-1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
-1 tbsp lemon juice
-1 tsp vanilla
-1 cup shopped strawberries

Preheat oven to 325.
Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. Combine wet in a different bowl or stand mixer. Then stir went into dry.
Gently fold in strawberries.
Fill muffin cups 3/4 full (butter tin first!)
Bake for 20-25 minutes or until lightly golden brown.


Strawberries are one of those fruits that you want to fork out a bit more for organic. The delicate skin easily absorbs pesticides and the tiny seed holes make it hard to clean them well. The dirty truth is that even organic strawberries almost always come from nurseries where they budding plants were not kept pesticide free…a little detail that doesn’t stop farmers from being able to label them as organic. The real deal strawberry, organic and non-GMO, looks quite different than it’s attractive hybrid. Conventional strawberries are giant and bright red - engineered to be “prettier”. The wild strawberry is smaller, can be uniquely shaped, and is not usually as bright in color.
A great way to keep your strawberries (and any fruit) fresh in the fridge longer and remove a little more pesticide residue is to give them an apple cider vinegar bath. Put your strawberries in a bowl, fill with water, and add a generous splash of apple cider vinegar - about 1/4 cup is usually good. Soak them for a bit, rinse them off, let dry, and put back in the fridge.

Workout for Fri, June 06, 2014

"Grace" 30 C&J for time OR "Isabel" 30 Snatch for time

Summer Throwdown 2014 Registration

Posted by Melody

Our fourth annual Summer Throwdown is just over two months away! There will 10 teams competing, each with 3 athletes. We are capping it right at 30 athletes so don’t take too long allowing yourself to think about it! The objectives of our in-house throwdowns are simple: have fun, meet new people, push beyond what we think we are capable of, and come away with some new and loftier goals for the months ahead. Before registering, make sure of the following:

1. Double check the dates to ensure you are free. You will need to be available on Friday the 8th from 6:30pm to about 8:30pm. On Saturday the 9th, athletes should be free from 8:30am till around 2pm. Once you register, the fee is non-refundable and when assigned to a team, they will be depending on you!

2. You should currently have no outstanding injuries. That means that you are able to do all basic skills: run, row, jump, lift, press, push, pull…etc.

3. In order to register, you should be minimally capable of the following:

-lunges: a knee contacts the ground and hands stay off the legs each rep
-KB swings (35/26), showing clear control and balance overhead (no “droopy” bells)
-wallball with depth and target contact (14/10)
-kick up to handstand on the wall and hold for a minimum of 10 seconds
-OHS (65/45) with depth and control, for a minimum of 5 consecutive reps
-C&J (95/65)
-double unders: they don't have to be consecutive, you just need to be able to get some!

Again, this is a basic standards list. There will be other skills included and heavier weights for some athletes. At the minimum, you should meet these requirements.

Post any questions to comments and start training your weaknesses now!

Workout for Thu, June 05, 2014

"Helen": 3 RFT
-400m run
-21 KB swings
-12 pullups

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